How to use Authelia with Caddy 2?

Hello! How can I use Authelia with Caddy 2 reverse proxy?

What did you try?

That’s too vague a question for us to help here.

That’s the config for NGINX, I want it to work in Caddy:

Again, what did you try? We like to see users at least put in the effort to writing their own configs, otherwise you won’t understand how it works or how to maintain it.

The current documentation isn’t great, and it’s extremely hard to find almost anything there.
Also there’s absolutely zero resources about Authelia + Caddy online.

We don’t have examples for every possible web app, Caddy 2 only launched a few months ago. You get to be first!

When you get it working, please post it in our wiki so future users can benefit from it! :+1:

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