How to run surveillance app QVRPro?

(Gediminas Ci) #1


I would like to know if anyone has successfully ran QNAP surveillance application under Caddy? I can connect with mobile app but live stream or playback not working. From computer application can’t connect at all.

Config: {
     proxy / {
         except /qvrpro/streaming/
     redir /qvrpro/streaming/ http://{host}{uri}
     log /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/Caddy/logs/nas.domain.access.log
     errors /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/Caddy/logs/nas.domain.error.log
 } {
     proxy /qvrpro/streaming/getstream.cgi {

(Kurt Jung) #2

Based on the name of the streaming software (/qvrpro/streaming/getstream.cgi), it looks like you may need to use fastcgi to reach it rather than a proxy.

(Toby Allen) #3

@jung is probably right, do you have a sample config for another webserver?

(Gediminas Ci) #4

No, I don’t have any example. But hope that anyone who has QNAP successfully ran it already and can share config.