How is subfolder proxying progressing?

How is this progressing? Waiting for it to become available through the standard download build process is essentially the one thing preventing me committing fully to Caddy v2 yet.


I have no idea what you’re asking about. Please elaborate.

(FYI your comment was split out from the other thread because it’s a wiki article, not meant for asking help questions)

As the one who split the post out, I will add that I was also confused; the article has nothing to do with any development items, it’s merely a “FYI” that a lot of site owners need to know (that has nothing to do with Caddy, even – it’s about configuring backends properly). Did you post in the wrong topic?

Not at all. The article ended with a section about response filtering to get round the problem stated earlier, and mentioned that a module to do this (like the filter module available for Caddy 1) was almost ready to be published, and as that is not yet offered on the download page, I wondered when it was likely to be.

Sorry to post in the wrong place - as there is an active Reply button there, I didn’t think not to use it!


Thanks for clarifying that. Next time, selecting the relevant part of the post and then clicking “Quote” will help others know what you’re talking about.

Are you sure we’re reading the same post though? The one this was split off from even links directly to it:

Does that answer your question?

I took “is in the process of being published” to mean that it would in due course be selectable in the download page, and so asked when that would be. Presumably, if it is not going to appear there, then I have to compile my own version of Caddy with it, after setting up the environment and learning how to use it…The trouble is, I worry that things might then not be right in ways I cannot detect until its too late! But if that’s how it is, then I’ll get on with it.

Sorry also about not quoting. Thing is, on the forum which I run (a busier one than this) it is policy not to quote if you are responding to what is immediately above - like in normal conversation. But again, I learn to adapt when required, as I’m not quite senile yet.


Oh. Did we say anything about the download page? I don’t know. If you follow the link, all you need to know to use the plugin is there. It’s just like any other plugin, you can use xcaddy build --with ... to compile it in easily.

I agree with this, if the post above is a single idea. But if the post has many ideas, it’s best to use quoting to specifically reply to a single part, otherwise it’s ambiguous.

No - again, I was just assuming on the precedent of Caddy 1. I really must stop thinking of that!

Anyway, your pointers proved enough in the end, and I have made the version I want with much less trouble than I expected - so thanks for your patience! Now I can finally get on and retire (honourably!) my Caddy 1 installation.


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