How do I build modifications to caddyhttp?

I want to modify the replacer to support escaped curly braces, but my changes don’t appear to be making it into the build. I’ve done the following:

  1. Modify caddyhttp/httpserver/replacer.go
  2. Modify caddy/caddymain/run.go to use my httpserver plugin instead of mholt’s
  3. Commit and push changes to my GitHub fork
  4. go get
  5. cd ~/go/src/
  6. go get
  7. go run build.go
  8. Test using the caddy exec in the current directory

What am I missing?

Which files are you editing? The one in your fork or the one in the original repo? The contributing guide has some simple instructions for making changes to Caddy in preparation for a pull request. I hope that’ll be helpful.

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OH! Sorry, I totally overlooked the special workflow described in the contributing guide … attempting it now. Thanks.

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