How can I copy the entire filesystem from caddy browse via http

currently I have to manually make a tarball and place it under the browse dir.

There is not currently a way to do this with Caddy. However having a script that creates a tarball which you can download sounds like a good solution.

Also you could write a plugin to do it if you wished.

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Hello there! Just leaving my two cents here (and some “advertisement”): filemanager plugin allows you to download any directory in some formats. Tar is one of them :smile:


That’s cool, however i ran into this when trying to download

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ok, seems like i need to select something before invoking download. Can I make download to auto select all files when nothing is selected?

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First of all, that error is pretty clear: Caddy doesn’t have permission to access those files and since they’re included in the path to download, it won’t work.

When you have no file or folder selected it will download the current directory. :slight_smile:

well it should download the current directory. But it tries to download the system’s root dir.

That’s strange. Everything’s working here. What is your Caddyfile? And OS?

ah, I did show /

Can I hide certain file? like Caddyfile

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You can protect a directory from being served with the internal directive:

I believe the Caddyfile is treated as protected by default, but I can’t find in the docs where it specifies that.

The Caddyfile is protected, but plugins need to acknowledge that. The site’s config has a list of files to hide, and the Caddyfile is always in that list. But each plugin that accesses file on disk needs to individually honor that. (I should probably put this in the wiki somewhere…)

Hello! Yes!

Check out the docs and the options block and block_r!

Cool, thanks.

Um, can I make caddy list all the ip addresses when starting? like gotty does

2017/06/03 23:29:48 URL:
2017/06/03 23:29:48 URL: http://[::1]:8080/
2017/06/03 23:29:48 URL:
2017/06/03 23:29:48 URL: http://[fe80::baca:3aff:fe67:6dc]:8080/
2017/06/03 23:29:48 URL: http://[fe80::baca:3aff:fe67:6dd]:8080/
2017/06/03 23:29:48 URL:
2017/06/03 23:29:48 URL:

I don’t like to specify a which is hard to share.
2017/06/03 23:29:48 URL: http://[fe80::70b1:5aff:fef9:d700]:8080/

I don’t think Caddy outputs IP addresses, specifically, but it does list all site labels it’s been configured to serve when it starts up - to both the shell it was run from, and also any log file (or stdout) you specify with the optional -log command line parameter.

whitestrake at ishtar in ~
→ caddy -log caddy.log
Activating privacy features... done.

whitestrake at ishtar in ~
→ cat caddy.log
2017/06/05 01:28:35 http://:2015
2017/06/05 01:28:37 [INFO] SIGINT: Shutting down

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