hi guys, caddy looks and sounds good BUT how do we make it really dummy for everyone to have http3 + automatic letsencrypt for ALL domain names?

Look at this code, it’s fasthttp and automagically u get https

i’m not saying from a code’s point of view but even the coding is easy to understand and deploy.

I’ve read through A LOT about Caddy’s documentation and https and this and that CaddyFile setting etc… and there’s no no-brainer guide on how to use Caddy with http3 and all domain names enabled with letsencrypt.

come on. seriously… if the --enable-quic is obsolete etc, can please not put in to confuse the setting up? what’s the latest that is usable? coz there seems like 3 versions of how to set up caddy on 3 different versions of caddy etc.

I prefer CaddyFile please, the latest. please help coz i’ve never read through any documentation that is so frustrating for something that should be so simple and straight forward.

  1. http3
  2. letsencrypt
  3. all domain names automatic https

is that a lot to ask for? i can do the reverse proxy thereafter… hopefully.
p.s. : truly sorry coz it’s first time i’ve tried so many styles on something like this. i think maybe u guys can consider doing some documentation of versioning. e.g. caddy 2.0 doc or something.

Welcome around…

Not sure why you struggled with the docs. The entire main website is centered around Caddy 2, docs and otherwise. You can use the search field at the top to find possibly related pages. For example, if you search http3, you’ll find results listing it as part of Field List and as a Global Option. The last one is a clue which is listed in the navigation menu to the left as a sub-item of Reference > Caddyfile > Global options. I recommend you read the following pages:

That said, here’s the template of what you need to do:




host.of.site.1 {

# whatever


host.of.site.2 {

# whatever


host.of.site.3 {

# whatever



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