Help me problem caddy

How to fix ? I rookie.

thx you.

Is this caddy v1? it looks like that you are making dns acme challenge, you’ll need to add a txt record

how to add a txt record ?

Add a TXT DNS Record, you have to look in the logs to:

subdomain: TXT GICG…


Which version of caddy are you using?

WARNING: File descriptor limit 1024 is too low for production servers. At least 8192 is recommended. Fix with ulimit -n 8192. how to fix.

ulimit -n 8192

But this is “just” a warning.

BTW: Screenshots won’t make the world a better Place!

Yeah, it just means if your site is really busy (like, load testing kind of busy — 10s of thousands of connections per second) it may not have enough resources, but it’s fine for most sites.

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