Help...I seem to not understand the real concept and idea of caddy

Does Caddy make my machine a web host?? or something else
I learnt of Caddy through Google Code-in…And i can’t get Caddy up and running…
I feel the reason is because i don’t understand it yet…my curiousity is enormous i can’t take my mind off Caddy…please help.


Caddy is a web server. It runs in your machine and, when properly configured, it will serve web content.

As far as the issue getting it up and running, you will have to elaborate.

Does it turn my machine into an actual web server like godaddy or something…if so then okay
how then do DNS providers link to it?

Pretty much, yes. They don’t specifically use Caddy for their shared web hosting, but they do use web servers that serve the exact same function.

DNS providers just hold DNS records and serve them to clients. You give them a record for your domain name that points to your server.

Okay I’ll still have to ponder over that for a while to get it.
Now Caddy server doesnt locahost over https :frowning: … i’ve tried many things including
tls self_signed
and some others but still either i get privacy error in my browser or i just get the server couldnt
establish secure connection.
Here’s my Caddyfile…
http://localhost:9000 {
redir https://localhost:9000

https://localhost:9000  {
	                root /

What’s your caddy -version?

You will not get working, valid HTTPS on a self-served certificate locally. You will always have to click through a warning.

This part deserves a fair warning: never do this.

You are instructing your web server to serve your entire file system to anybody who requests it.

Always scope your web root to a folder that only contains the website you actually want to serve.

My caddy is 1.0.4

How can get to the above?

With Caddy running, navigate to https://localhost:9000 in your browser.

Because localhost always refers to the computer you’re making the request from, you’ll have to do this from a browser on the server running Caddy.

Just in case, make sure Apache2 is not running:)

systemctl stop apache2

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