Help force HTTP/1.1 on a wild card

So I have a caddyfile everything works great. But there is one wildcard which requires it to be on Http/1.1

So when I do it globally like

    servers {
        protocols h1

That works great, but I don’t want that to be global, I want it on a specific wildcard

@speedtest host
handle @speedtest {
reverse_proxy x.x.x.x:49159

Is there way to achieve it for wildcard only ?

There’s no way to configure protocols per domain unfortunately, it’s only server-wide.

Why can’t the client just attempt to only use HTTP/1.1?

You could make a second server with a non-standard port like 8443 or whatever and limit that one. It would mean that requests need to specify that port. Or you can redir clients to that port if they request the default port.

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