[Help] Attempting to run Caddy as a reverse proxy, Need help with implementation

So, I worked most of today on getting it setup right, between DDNS port forwarding and figuring out how to setup a reverse proxy on a windows machine. Safe to say I finally accomplished it. However, I am at the very last step (getting Caddy to run at startup as a service.) It works perfectly if I start it from the cmd prompt, but when I go to run it as a service, it doesn’t want to work. I’ve tried both NSSM and the hook plugin that can be downloaded with Caddy.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @Thomas_Helms, welcome to the Caddy community.

You’ll need to get a hold of Caddy’s output - it should tell you why it’s exiting (assuming that it’s a case of Caddy running and exiting, rather than the service failing to start the executable for some reason).

Thanks for your reply. How would I go about doing that?

If you haven’t configured a -log flag as part of setting up the service, you’ll need to do that. Then read the log file from the destination you configured.


Well, I’m not sure what it was causing the problem but once I uninstalled the service and rebooted, then reinstalled the service using the -log command along with the other commands required. It seems to have installed and started working. Thanks for the help! I sincerely appreciate it.

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