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Caddy installed on Ubuntu per instructions on the site

a. System environment:

Mint 20, not a docker
command sudo ufw status returns inactive.

b. Command:

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d. My complete Caddyfile or JSON config: {

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when I ping I get my IP correct
When I open I get the Wordpress page
When I enter the web brwser will switch to and it reports proxy firewall problem
Port 80 and 443 is open on my netgear router

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If it’s just a basic site you might want to try this;

Maybe you also want to try without a reverse proxy first to make sure the site is working externally. Something like this first to start with; {
	root * /var/www/
	encode zstd gzip

or… {
	encode zstd gzip
} {

Don’t forget to restart your caddy service after saving that file. If you are running wordpress you would need the php_fastcgi service in there too assuming you have php installed.

thank you zen

I do not have PHP installed , I`m running Wordpress in docker on the same machine as Caddy.

ah in that case you won’t need php if you using docker. Your web server is responding externally. When accessing your domain I get a SSL error so it’s live to the outside for sure. I also get this;

Check your syslog on your server with caddy installed. Might give some indication of where it’s failing. I think it’s just the SSL cert part.

the log is advising me to add TLS config, and I have no idea what it is so will have to check documentation on that

Is there a reason for using docker at all and not just a native web service without docker? It’s a pain in the a55 I hate it when it doesn’t work. Can you open 8081 on your firewall for a sec? see if it’s accessible when the ports opened?

That log looks fine and it’s getting a cert issued.

I`m amateur Linux user, the docker gives my opportunity to remove container and start from scratch.
I took me several iterations to figure our my_sql for Wordpress. Also I can run multiple sites/containers on different port.

Docker is just another layer of complexity but I know where you are coming from I always try to use Linux natively without any fancy addons. Seems to be less issues that way.

port opened and works

thank you zen for checking and your help, I will try reinstalling CADDY , maybe remove certificates somehow and restart to trigger new certificates and if not will try NGINX Proxy

I think WordPress needs some rewrite rules in the caddy file as well though. Maybe;

# Prevent malicious PHP uploads from running
@uploads {
  path_regexp path /uploads\/(.*)\.php
rewrite @uploads /

@wp-admin {
  path  not ^\/wp-admin/*
rewrite @wp-admin {path}/index.php?{query}
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will look into it

Someone running caddy here with docker/wordpress;

thank you, there is some config inside Wodpress and when you go through initial setup of Wordpress using local IP it will not pick up / repond to a domain call.

Will try to reinstall the wordpress docker

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