File_server httpInclude with X-Forwarded-For?

Yes. Or; either way. :+1:

Sorry for dropping the ball.

It sounds to me like the issue will be resolved.
Thank you very much :pray:

So to conclude, for X-forwarded-for to be included in the httpInclude request, the remote_ip address has to be set within the httpInclude call to an internal address like ::1 or

Should I create an issue to track the progress on GitHub?

No; X-Forwarded-For is set by a proxy, not a template engine. The template engine will keep that header in httpInclude if it came in on the original request (i.e. from a proxy). It will not add that header.

But if that virtual request gets proxied, the proxy does need a RemoteAddr on the connection in order to set X-Forwarded-For.

So yeah, if you’d like to make an issue that should be a pretty easy one to fix :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all your help!


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