Feedback needed: File Manager and Hugo plugins

Hi there!

I’m the developer of File Manager and Hugo plugins and I’m currently working on a rewrite with some sweet and good updates to the interface.

I’m debating about keeping the interface for visual editing yaml, toml and json metadata.

Sometimes it causes problems and personally I don’t find it that useful because I’m faster when I edit the metadata code directly. I always toggle the visual mode off.

I would like to hear your opinion about this: should this feature be kept? Do you find it useful? If so, how could it be better?



You can use my http.upload for handling of uploads. It will save you some headaches with input validation, and later (this year (aspirational)) with uploads over high-speed NICs and content decoding. At the very least it would free your time for unique features.


Hello @wmark! I appreciate your suggestion, although File Manager is not just a Caddy plugin and can be used without Caddy as a standalone or even with Docker. If it was just a Caddy plugin, I would try to integrate with http.upload though :slight_smile:

Good point, which led me to this:

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Just one point. Is it possible to make customized theme / UI freely in the manager. I do love this but I personally don’y like plain white color/


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Hey @minggor0415: you have the option to add a custom stylesheet on the Settings :smiley: