Error running otherwise working Caddy under systemd v232

I didn’t realise that Caddy has it’s own forums, perhaps here is better.

I posted an extensive question at ServerFault but it’s a little bit off-topic for them as I believe it’s a Caddy problem, not a Linux problem:

It appears to be an issue that Caddy doesn’t run when systemd.exec is set true

I don’t think this is the direct cause of what you’ve experienced. And as I’ve tried but cannot reproduce this, there’s details missing to pin this down.

I may have bumped into the same issue - the Caddy upgrade from 10.6 to 10.8 I just did failed to start (service caddy status reports a core dump). This is Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS on Linux amd64. Launching manually as “cd /etc/caddy && sudo caddy” works, so I’m using that via nohup for now.

PS. I’m looking forward to SIGUSR2 binary reloads (once safe and robust). It’s a major convenience for long-term Caddy use, IMO: once you have a working setup, easily staying up to date becomes the key recurring feature.

You are experiencing something different here, @jcw. Should be pursued in a different thread.

A core dump indicates something went seriously wrong, and this won’t be just a few missing files in /proc/self/.

@Lee_Hambley What is operating system in question? I noticed that the PrivateDevices directive doesn’t appear to play nice with caddy when selinux is enabled on Fedora 26. I’m not sure if that was the same issue you have or not.

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