Error: No information found to solve challenge for identifier

I have some domains (my customers domains) that point to my servers but Caddy return them that message:
no information found to solve challenge for identifier: www . customerDoamin . com
and also:
looking up info for HTTP challenge

Does anyone know why it’s happening?


Please fill out the help topic template. We can’t help without you filling it out with all the details requested.

Seconding Francis, we’d need more information.

Broadly speaking, that message means that Caddy received an ACME challenge request for a domain it didn’t initiate the ACME challenge for.

It looks like a lot of domains stuck inside the locks folder for a long time and not been removed from there.
I tried to clean it but it’s very slow:
“rm -f /mnt/efs/caddy_data/locks/*”

What else I can do?

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