Error 502 on proxy

Hi, am having a strange behaviour with Caddy and one application that am running in Golang. I have a subdomain pointing to my server:

Server IP:
Golang Application running on Port 4445

When I type in the browser I receive 502 Bad Gateway
When I type in the browser I can see correctly the website

My configuration for this site in the caddy file is: {
    proxy / {
      max_fails 1
    log logs/mysite.log

I’m using proxy and redirecting to https because I nedd the site to works only in https. I checked the logs file and this is what I have: - - [27/Jul/2017:16:26:41 +0000] "GET / HTTP/2.0" 502 16

Please try this, I think it will fulfill your requirements, {
proxy / { transparent insecure_skip_verify max_fails 1 }
log logs/mysite.log

In case of, you’re not looking for ACME certifications at the time being, the command


can be replaced by

tls /etc/path/to/crt/file /etc/path/to/key/file

@vClouds The tls directive is not required. That is not the problem here.

@Sredny_M_Casanova What does your error log say? (You’ll need the errors directive.)

Hi, I made what you said. And this is what I get:

27/Jul/2017:22:19:05 +0000 [ERROR 502 /login] tls: oversized record received with length 20527

Please ignore tls line and proceed with errors directive as advised by @matt
I tried to help by providing my configurations @matt is the expert right here

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@vClouds Thank you for participating, though. Please continue to learn and be a part of our community!

@Sredny_M_Casanova It looks like your backend is sending invalid TLS records. What software is powering your backend?

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