Error 412 on non-windows client (webdav)

When a Non-Windows client tries to connect to the WebDAV server at (using the user/password provided)
the client cannot see any files on the filesystem but can upload.

The majority of clients that can upload, upload a non-existent file and the logs show error 412

<redacted IP adress for client privacy> - up [30/Jun/2019:19:47:01 -0700] "PUT /upload/random.txt HTTP/1.1" 412 19

this is using the webdav plugin with basicauth
this is my caddyfile, {

        basicauth / up load

        log /opt/caddy/log/cdn_upload.log

        webdav / {
            scope       /opt/caddy/cdn
            modify      true

Hi @Merith-TK, does this still happen with basicauth disabled? (Is this an interaction between the auth and webdav, or just a webdav issue?)

The webdav plugin is developed over here: GitHub - hacdias/caddy-v1-webdav: WebDAV support for Caddy server.

You may need to raise an issue there if this is a bug of some kind.

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