Error 403 on a volume I have access to?

I need some help resolving the below error.

30/Mar/2020:15:54:39 -0400 [ERROR 403 /] open /Volumes/MediaExtend/Munki/munki_repo: operation not permitted

I have checked the permissions on the folder itself, I can navigate to the volume on my Mac, I haven’t changed anything besides for a reboot of the machine. This folder is on a networked volume. It’s meant to be a simple flat file web server. The caddy file info is as follows… {
root /Volumes/MediaExtend/Munki/munki_repo/
browse /

I plan to protect it later, just trying to get it working and am confused as to what I’ve hit, thoughts?

Nevermind, delete this, stupid Catalina security…grumble grumble…

Rather than deleting it, could you explain your solution so others who encounter the same problem will know how to fix it? :slight_smile:

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Sure of course, somewhat simple but possibly overlooked.

If you upgrade to Catalina, a whole bunch of fun things get essentially blocked or cut off until you go into System Preference > Security > Full Disk Access, and check them to have access.

Caddy was listed, unlocked, checking, and then simply reloading the page, it worked.

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Gotcha, thanks for explaining! I think I’ve encountered this once myself, actually.

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