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I’m wanting to write a bash script to pull binaries with plugins. I am able to use the site to generate a url but have a couple questions about the rest api.

curl -o linux-amd64

For example what is the idempotency about? Will the url always grab the latest? how can one specify a particular version? Is there any documention for the api?


It’s not really meant to be used as an API, frankly. It costs Matt money to run, so it would be best if you build from source yourself with xcaddy instead.

yes I already use xcaddy. So no probelm I can use it. Still, I’m just a single user who updates a couple caddy binaries a couple times a year into my repo and then sends it around to my devices so we are talking about 4-6 calls a year. Then again it might be a perk of being a paid caddy member? Ever set up an easy way to ask for $$? I’d be happy to be a paid fanboy. I’ve made good use of caddy since before 1.0.

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Yeah, you can sponsor Matt here:

Yeah, hi David; of course I remember you over these years.

You can pull from the download endpoint occasionally, no worries. (I wouldn’t rely on it 100% though, I don’t exactly have any SLAs on it.)

Thanks Matt and Francis too. I made a modest donation. I tell eveyone who won’t get glossy eyed how cool and useful Caddy is. Wish I had more $$ to spread around. If I was Elon Musk I’d be sponsoring open source projects like Caddy that drive IT intead of buying Twitter, alas. On my projects list is still that web ui for the new 2.0 api…someday.


Thank you very much for the kind donation. :smiley: And for your continued patronage of the project.

Ah, yeah, that elusive web UI. I started working on it but turns out that the project is keeping me so busy with other things, and businesses aren’t demanding that right now.

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