Download build with "cors" module

Firstly, as this is my first post. Thank you! Caddy is awesome.

Now, in the docs for the “cors” directive, it says:

This directive is a Caddy extension. To get it, select this feature when you download Caddy.

But it is not available to select on the download page. :cry:

Is this an oversite? I can download and build myself, but it seems like a lot of users might want it.

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Hey Chris! Welcome, and thanks. :slight_smile:

The cors plugin has not been made compatible with Caddy 0.9, unfortunately. GitHub - captncraig/cors: Cross Origin Resource Sharing middleware for go /cc @captncraig

But you can use header to accomplish most of what the cors plugin does in the meantime!

Sorry, I’ll try to get around to updating it this weekend.

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