Domain and email are different

Can I set my caddyfile to request a SSL cert for even if my email is just

Yes, the email address has nothing to do with the domains you get a certificate for. :slight_smile: But you still have to have control over the domains’ DNS, regardless of your email.

Thank you for the info. I was fighting a 429 error saying to many registrations for my IP, then I remembered my firewall was still blocking port 80. After allowing port 80, now I’m getting Error: 400 Connection refused.

If you build Caddy from source, it’ll fix the 429 error. The next release will have the fix.

I fixed the 429 myself since I forgot to allow port 80 on the firewall. Now I’m having an issue with the 400 error and I’m pretty sure it is DNS somewhere.

I am up and running, my 400 error was a combo of DNS and NAT rules. Thanks for your super quick help!

@it101 If you could please help test by building Caddy from that branch and then making sure it still does not have the 429 errors, that would be great, thanks!

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