Does someone know a company that selling Caddy as a service?

Hi all,

I’m searching for SAAS services that can manage me Caddy in the background and just give me an interface to add new domains.
Of course, all the traffic from those domains will proxy to my services.
I know CDN providers doing it, but they all limit the number of domains you can use under one account or limit the number of domains with SSL.
I’m searching for something that can give me Caddy with unlimited domains for $1000 a month (just for example) and will manage everything in the background for me.

Does anyone know about something like that?

Thanks a lot


why do you want managed Caddy? Should the service provide DDoS protection and be globally distributed like most CDN providers? How much monthly traffic do you expect?

Since Caddy doesn’t do caching itself (if I recall correctly) all requests would be forwarded to your services anyway unless the company also does caching.

True, but we do have a cache module implemented and ready to go!

I second this question. What are your goals? Why not run Caddy yourself? Caddy is about as easy as it gets to maintain yourself.

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I really love Caddy but it’s not our main business goal, so I prefer someone that has better knowledge and focus on that will do that for us.
Same reason why we use AWS cloud and not host and manage our own servers.

I’m aware of these two:


Wow looks good.
If someone has experience with one of them and can write a short review it will be great.

Thanks a lot.

I’d recommend App Masker. @yroc92 and I used to work on Caddy together and he’s consulted with me in the process of building App Masker so that’d be my first choice.


You could check out BrandSSL

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