Does Caddy use using any cache on the result he get from the "ASK" option?


We’re using the ASK option and we see a lot of requests to the URL we set up under these parameters.

  1. When Caddy will call the ASK URL?
  2. If a domain already has SSL under the server does Caddy still can call these perimeters?

Thank you

Caddy only calls it when it receives a request for a domain it does not have a certificate for, and wants to know if it should get one.

No caching is done.

So that means that yes, you might get a lot of hits to that endpoint if some bots are making requests to your server’s IP address with random domains.

But it’s still better than not having it, because otherwise Caddy would attempt to perform certificate issuance for any domain requested which would make you run into rate limits and potential denial of service by filling up disk space with garbage certificates.

What you should do is make sure your ask endpoint is as fast as possible, implement your own caching at that endpoint if you need to.

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