Does caddy supports shibboleth?

we are thinking to switch from another webserver to caddy. One of our application
uses shibboleth auth.

I tried different search engines, and so far it seems shibboleth is not possible with caddy.

Does caddy support shibboleth auth ?
Are there some auth plugin that would allow shibboleth ?

thank you.

Hi @axora,

I’m afraid that FastCGI is your best bet to get it working, but Caddy doesn’t implement Authorizer mode, so that’s a non-starter right now.

You’re not the only one wanting to use Shibboleth with Caddy, there’s an open feature request at the Github page:

Thank you @whitestrake for these precisions.

The clear answer is : caddy does not currently support shibboleth.

Your link was really helpful, and I know now that there is hope. When/if caddy supports fast-cgi authorizers, it will be possible to use shibboleth.

Thanks again.

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