Documentation question php_fastcgi

what is

It expects that any index.php at the site root acts as a router

supposed to mean, a websitte cannot replace network equipment.

Your question is vague. Could you elaborate on what you mean?

This just means that if the request is to a file that doesn’t exist on disk, it’ll route the request to your index.php file to handle the request. This is the standard approach used by modern PHP frameworks.

okay, I never heard the word “router” in this context for. I mean I know what an index file is and that it generally is called if no file is specified. I just had no idea what was meant with router int his context and thought the index.php needs something special

Ah, yeah a “request router” is basically a set of rules that determines how to handle a specific request by its path and method. For example, a very commonly used router library in PHP is GitHub - nikic/FastRoute: Fast request router for PHP

so does one need some special “request router thing” or whatever or can one just use the PHP stuff used all the time prior to caddy 2? I am having a few problems with PHP and caddy2 tbh

Not necessarily, it depends how your PHP app is set up. Your questions are still too vague to answer. If you say “I am having a few problems”, we have nothing to go on. You need to be more specific about what problems you’re having. We can’t read your mind!

well about the problems I have with PHP I made a new thread as that thing is too big for a simple reply.

(like 2 and a half screenpages on a 49 inch screen)

and I am not really using PHP to build “apps” but more or less basic websites and scripts that work on both normal webspace hosters and caddy 1.