DNS plugin questions

For anyone that has used the google dns plugin for obtaining certs how do you format the credential json file? Also the gce project name is the root domain correct?

Moved and no longer have a “business” account from my ISP so I have to switch to dns verification for certs.

I don’t use it myself, but my understanding is that you actually have to create a Google Cloud project, enable DNS API access for a service account, and the JSON file in question is actually a service account’s private key that you can download from the control panel.

Ah, I will have to play around with google cloud and see if I can get it working as using a wildcard cert would be nice. However I think Comcast doesn’t actually block port 80 and 443 for residential so I may be able to stick with the acme challenge, which would nullify using DNS.

@Whitestrake do you know if its possible to use swarm secrets to set credentials for dns plugins?

Not exactly sure how to go about using secrets to define say:
CLOUDFLARE_EMAIL: <swarm secret>

EDIT: nvm, looks like i need to have an entry script to set secrets to environment variables…

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