Directive similar to Nginx stream (for TCP/UDP traffic)


The template doesn’t particularly apply to my question, so forgive me for not including it, but this question is in regards to Caddy v2. I’m just curious if there’s anything similar to the Nginx stream module for proxying TCP or UDP traffic? See here for more info:

As the question implies, I’d like to proxy traffic for other non-HTTP services. I’m not seeing anything in the documentation but I’m very new to Caddy so I didn’t know if there were any other modules/approaches I may be missing.


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No problem, no need for the template in this case!

I have written a powerful, flexible, extensible TCP/UDP module for Caddy here:

I actually just added load balancing and health checks to it yesterday.

Sponsors get exclusive early access right now, but as soon as I reach our goal I’ll release it for the world to use! It’s really cool!

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Oh great, thanks! I’ll check this out, as well as becoming a sponsor. Thanks for Caddy!

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You’re welcome! Thanks for being part of the community!

Pro tip: See if you can get your employer to sponsor; this is a very nice trick that mutually benefits all 3 parties. :100:

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