DigitalOcean, Debian and Caddy

Can someone point me to any guides on installing Caddy using Debian on DigitalOcen?

I’ve searched this forum a few times - and I cannot find anything on this.

Howdy @Founderstowne, welcome to the Caddy community.

DigitalOcean is a VPS provider like most others; you might find guides online that specifically help with purchasing and configuring a server on their platform, but Caddy itself doesn’t mind whether you install on one of their servers or a server from any other provider.

As for installing Caddy on Debian, maybe you’re looking for the installation help doc: Install — Caddy Documentation.

After there, configuring and using Caddy is pretty much standard. Check out Getting Started — Caddy Documentation and Quick-starts — Caddy Documentation.


Thank you for this!

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