CraftCMS locale rewrites (with Valet)

I’m trying to setup our CraftCMS localized site and believe I’m running into some Caddy url re-write issues.

Craft’s process is documented here Setting Up a Localized Site | Craft CMS Documentation | 2.x and basically involves adding a bunch of local folders in the web root each with their own index.php and corresponding .htaccess file.

I’m using Caddy via Valet and all seem to be the latest versions. Given that Caddy doesn’t support the .htaccess file I believe I need to recreate a bunch of re-writes (one for each locale).

Nginx users need to so something similar - see answer here localization - Nginx Vhost Config - Get page based on translated URI and without parameters in url - Craft CMS Stack Exchange

Anyone got some ideas on how to get this working in Caddy?

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