Comments on blog and website

I think it would be nice to comments on the Caddy website and blog. That way information becomes more centralized around e.g. a particular directive or blogpost.

I think Discourse somehow supports embedding comments on a blog. Don’t know exactly.
But having some sort of commenting system, which also makes comments appear on the forums, would be a nice addition, wouldn’t it?

Comments can get messy (with arguments and discussions) at times and distract from the post.

Personally, I like comments on personal blogs but not project blogs. If at all, only for how-tos/guest posts but not for announcements.

Anyway, Caddy is still young and I don’t think we have people so fanatic that can cause a node vs ruby type of comment-fight. So, It may not be a bad idea.

At one of my jobs we put comments all over our documentation pages and blog; it didn’t turn out very well.

I’ve seen some pages that link to a special discourse page per post. Maybe that would be sufficient? The comments links on boingboing link to their discourse page for the article: Security researcher discovers glaring problem with patient data system, FBI stages armed dawn raid | Boing Boing

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Comments sections are universally horrendous, in my experience. A link to the forums will more than suffice.