Changed hosting server (new Rasp Pi) and can't regenerate certs

Couple days ago, I started playing around with Caddy on my old Rasp Pi. I got everything working and generated 3 SSL Certs automatically. Things were good. I am simply using Caddy to host websites. Nothing fancy.

Now yesterday, I got a new Pi, got everything installed, but when I take my same config and try to regenerate the Certs it doesn’t work. I tried to revoke them on my old Pi by doing:

./caddy -revoke

And I keep getting “Revocation request must be signed by private key of cert to be revoked…”. I can see the certs and the keys in the /root/.caddy folder however.

What should I do?!


Could be permission issues? Can the user running Caddy read all the certs and keys OK?

Why are you trying to revoke them? Was your private key compromised? Did somebody steal your old domains?

Aaaa it’s okay. It is a PORT problem for some reason the Pi was not setup properly… sorry guys!

Thanks and awesome program :)!

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Good to hear. :slight_smile: Revocation is only necessary if your keys or domains were compromised.

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