Certificate files

I’m running an IRC bouncer called ZNC in my homelab, and it can use the certificates from the official LetsEncrypt client by combining the privkey, cert and chain files into one (documentation), but caddy stores the certificate files differently, and I’m not too familiar with SSL to know exactly what to look for when spotting what file does what, and in turn what to use/combine.

Caddy stores the key and certificate chain separately. As of Caddy 0.9, they’re stored in $HOME/.caddy/acme/<ca hostname>/sites/<site hostname> and you can just concatenate the .key and the .crt file together in that order.

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Thanks, that was what I needed.

Is there by any chance any way to hook into when the certificate has been renewed so I could automate this process?

You probably will be able to if you write a Caddy plugin. But Caddy is not meant to be used as a standalone certificate manager. For that you want something like lego.

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