Can't start Caddy from copied tutorial

Hi, beginner here :slight_smile:
Trying to use this tutorial: How to Host a Website in Oracle Cloud Free Tier - DEV Community
But when i restart caddy it gives me the error

Any idea what the problem is?
For reference my Caddyfile looks like
Thanks in advance!

Please don’t use screenshots when posting your logs/config to the forums. It adds lots of friction, it doesn’t let us copy/paste your config to make edits, or quote specific parts.

Also, please fill out the “Help” category and fill out the topic template. You used the “Wiki” category, which is not the right category for your question. I’ve since fixed that.

Next time, please fill out the help topic template that comes with the “Help” category.

Please use the official docs for installation instructions. Third party guides cannot be trusted to have the latest, correct instructions.

We no longer recommend using the repo for installing Caddy. Please re-install Caddy with the Cloudsmith apt repo:

If you’re using the latest version of Caddy, the experimental_http3 option is no longer a top-level global option, it’s been moved. That guide is outdated. See the docs:

Since I can’t see your entire config because you only took a screenshot, I can’t know for sure whether this is the only problem with your config.


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