Can't redirect no www to www

Hi folks, I want the no www version of my website to redirect to the www. version. I have tried every solution suggested in this forum and none of them seem to work, no www is still returning a 404 while www works perfectly.

My Caddyfile currently looks like this:, {
  root  public  # the folder where Hugo generates the website
  hugo          # enable the admin panel
  redir 301 {
    if {host} starts_with

Caddy runs fine without any errors, but refuses to serve a web page on

What should I do?

UPDATE: Nevermind, it works fine now. Is there no way to delete a post?

… and of course the moment I ask for help, it magically starts working. I hate computers.

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I think what I changed is that in config.toml for Hugo, I changed my baseurl to the www version.

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