Can't bind caddy to port 80 or 443

If have installed Caddy with an easy config but every time when I start Caddy it will not bind to port 80 or 443.
It always start on port 2015.

The output when I start Caddy is:
Activating privacy features… done.

I have already tried to use this command:
setcap cap_net_bind_service=+ep ./caddy

But I don’t know how to configure Iptables described in the FAQ.

I have running a Ubuntu 16.04 Vps.

Can you post the contents of your Caddyfile and the command you use to start Caddy?

This is the Caddy file:
root@flemming-petersen ~/caddy# cat conf.Caddyfile {
root /root/caddy

This is the command I use to start Caddy
root@flemming-petersen ~/caddy# ./caddy
Activating privacy features… done.

You need to specify the Caddyfile to use:

./caddy -conf conf.Caddyfile

By default, Caddy looks for a file called “Caddyfile” in the cwd.

nice now it works thank you very much

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