Caddy2 add-package error

caddy version


how install caddy?

Download using the official apt repository
apt install caddy

error message

❯ caddy add-package
2023/03/29 14:30:22.279 INFO    this executable will be replaced        {"path": "/usr/bin/caddy"}
2023/03/29 14:30:22.279 INFO    requesting build        {"os": "linux", "arch": "amd64", "packages": ["", ""]}
Error: download failed: download failed: HTTP 400: is not a registered Caddy module package path (id=4d9174c4-40b4-4f80-bb1b-cfd89c813899)

Because I use apt to install, not to compile and install.
So I add the module using caddy add-package.
But this module is not registered Caddy. How can I add this module?

You’ll need to ask that plugin maintainer to register their plugin on the website.

Or you can just build yourself from source, which is very easy. Build from source — Caddy Documentation Just download and install Go (just unzip it) and then download xcaddy, then make your build with xcaddy build --with <plugins>

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