[Caddy1] on same server as Apache webpage

Hey there,

I’ve just got my first hosted vServer, because my homelab’s internet connection just isn’t fast enough for some webpages with file downloads.
Just as a little disclaimer: I’m absolutely unsused to not having a server sit in my own network, behind my own firewall etc.

So this server’s supposed to act as a simple fileserver, running multiple Apache2 pages. Then I’d want to have Caddy on the same server and use it for TLS and as reverse proxy (for the different webpages).
I’m only experienced with doing this on two seperate hosts. How exactly do I accomplish this on one single host?

If this should (it probably is) a very easy thing to do, I sincerly apologize. I’m just freaking out a bit because I don’t have this server physically here.

Okay, got it figured out. I was just braindead.

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