Caddy without lets encrypt

I am trying to use caddy as a simple http server. I do not need nor do I want TLS. I am only testing locally.

I am using: Caddy 0.11.0 (non-commercial use only)
This is my caddy file:
tls off
mime wasm application/wasm

When I run that caddy attempts to sign me up in error for a cert I do not need nor want.

I found another thread that recommend the tls off setting but that did not appear to work.

Maybe it is not possible to run like this?

thanks for any advice

Hi @Tony_Colston, welcome to the Caddy community.

The first line of the Caddyfile must always be the address of the site you want to serve.

If you just want Caddy to serve your site over regular HTTP, you can configure Caddy that way explicitly, e.g.:
mime wasm application/wasm

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Thanks thanks I will try that. I just need local so once I get back to my chromebook I will try
mime .wasm application/wasm

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