Caddy with Jellyfin creates an error when i try to watch a movie

Ok, so it’s probably something to do with port forwarding. Sounds like something is a little screwy in that configuration – I don’t know enough about your setup with the info provided thus far, but I would definitely scrutinize that whole setup to make sure it’s correct. (Since you know it works when you’re connected to wifi / internal network.)

So I corrected the error of the port forwarding and managed once again to connect to the server with the domain server when i was connected to the “wifi” and when i wasn’t withtout any error.

Altough when I tried to connect with my computer on a web browser, i got a different error:

 {"level":"error","ts":1680562676.4353602,"logger":"http.handlers.reverse_proxy","msg":"aborting with incomplete response","error":"stream 468 canceled by remote with error code 268"}

The error keeps duplicating with a different stream number

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That is an obscure error… does it prevent media playback?

thankfully it fixed my previous error and I can now watch match but I believe it does slow down the loading a bit.

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