Caddy v2 Logs: How to limit output?

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Ubuntu 18.04

3. The problem I’m having:

I’m looking at the v2 log docs and I don’t understand how to choose specific things to log or not log.

For example, I’d like to print something like this:

<method> <response code> <path> <referer>

I don’t want to log all cookies and all headers, etc, but rather just a few things.

5. What I already tried:

Not even sure what to try.

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Hey AJ,

You can read about logging here: How Logging Works — Caddy Documentation

Basically: the logs are structured, so just ignore the fields or lines you don’t want. That is the easiest, and highest-performance way.

I’m not quite sure I understand.

Ultimately, log processing is out of the scope of Caddy core.

there’s always the possibility for a Caddy app module that consumes logs. (It just doesn’t exist yet

Are you saying that the correct and expected way is for me to write a Caddy logger plugin in Go that follows logfmt? That there is no configuration?

I see there’s some documentation on filters here:

But I’m not clear on how that relates to a Caddyfile or the API.

I realize that with the switch to v2 there are a lot of changes to prior conventions and it will be a while before all of the modules are updated with specific examples. It looks like the “meta” examples are pretty much all there, but it’s still a bit challenging to figure out how they apply to a use case.

Is there a repository of example Caddyfiles or curl commands that cover how to use the various modules in a more concrete way?

Since you first asked this, a new plugin was written to help cover this usecase:

Note that it’s more expensive to run than the core capabilities. Probably won’t be an issue unless you get to truly huge scale.

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