Caddy v2 issues with internal certificates

Hi there,

I’m using Caddy v2.1 and trying to understand how are different certs (self sign) V1 from Caddy V2.

I’m getting this error with certs from Caddy V2:

   "msg":"handled request",
            "SharedAccessSignature cid=blabla"
            "gzip, deflate, br"
   "common_log":" - - [13/Jul/2020:13:12:32 +0000] \"POST /PATH/api/accessgroups HTTP/1.1\" 502 0",

Is it there any reason for that?

My Caddy config for certs is like this:

tls internal {


A 502 error just means that Caddy couldn’t connect to your proxy upstream. Doesn’t have anything to do with TLS.

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