Caddy v1.0.0 build fails when http.filter plugin included

If I include the http.filter plugin, then Caddy 1.0.0 fails to build. I cannot use Caddy without this plugin…

Is this likely to get sorted soon?


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Hi @pwhodges, you might have to take this one up with the plugin developer over at GitHub - echocat/caddy-filter: Provides a directive to filter response bodies in caddy..

Yep, I second that. However, it could also be a bug in the build server, which I’m fairly convinced there is one that is lingering but I’ve been so busy getting Caddy 2 ready to demo at VelocityConf that I haven’t had a chance to fix the build server yet. Will do soon hopefully!

Hmm. It seems that I am not the first to bring this up at Github, but the author hasn’t responded to any issues there for six months. Looks like I’ll have to stay on v0.11.2 for now.

Out of curiosity, why not go to 0.11.5?

I experienced the same with the locale plugin yesterday. It did work when building caddy locally using the builder script from the abiosoft docker project.

So it might be a buildserver issue after all, @matt?

Okay so I had a few minutes to look into it today; turns out this is because the plugin is deployed at v0.12 but a valid semantic version tag is v0.12.0. So the plugin author will need to use semantic versioning for tags going forward.

I say this, because the error logged is:

2019/05/26 00:34:59 exec /usr/local/bin/go get -d -x
mkdir -p /gopath/pkg/mod/cache/vcs # git2
# lock /gopath/pkg/mod/cache/vcs/5c53692df796a3782f871f452d4f0c4345bc30e6e6535ff60b4a9b8b94c3d151.lock# /gopath/pkg/mod/cache/vcs/5c53692df796a3782f871f452d4f0c4345bc30e6e6535ff60b4a9b8b94c3d151 for git2
cd /gopath/pkg/mod/cache/vcs/5c53692df796a3782f871f452d4f0c4345bc30e6e6535ff60b4a9b8b94c3d151; git ls-remote -q
0.269s # cd /gopath/pkg/mod/cache/vcs/5c53692df796a3782f871f452d4f0c4345bc30e6e6535ff60b4a9b8b94c3d151; git ls-remote -q
go get no matching versions for query "v0.12"

Thanks for getting this resolved quickly!

Because why bother to go to another non-current version when I didn’t have any current issues?

Reporting the problem so that I could come fully up to date seemed preferable.

Ahh, no worries.

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