Caddy to use as uploaded file notifier

I already have a http file browsing site deployed with caddy.
Can file manager extension be enhance to notify any new file updated or uploaded ? and email be sent to register user(folder/directory)who needs notification ?

This is useful feature in project where when new drop are uploaded, caddy using smtp can notify testers that newer drops are ready to deploy.

if already present using some other service; please comment.

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Hello @mungayree! Right now, filemanager doesn’t support that option. Although I’m curious: why would you need that feature? A use case? You can file an issue here :slight_smile:

The use case of this for me - say I have file web server of release drops. and I want user (who are eagerly waiting for new drops from developers) to directly get a notification of the new drop which is released.
They can register themselves

This can also be helpful among groups who uses same web server as uploader/downloader of say debugfiles/logs etc etc.

There can be many usages as such.

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