Caddy to pass TLS client cert for mTLS

Hi, I’d like to have Caddy (v1.0.4) to provide TLS client certs to another Caddy (v1.0.4) running in the backend.

So the setup is basically this:

Internet → Caddy Public → Caddy Private → App

I want to have mTLS between the Caddy Public -> Caddy Private connection. I have the Caddy Private TLS listener setup and working for client auth but how can I pass the client certs to auth to Caddy Private from Caddy Public via the proxy directive?

And I just found this: ability to use client certs in reverse proxy by evtr · Pull Request #2914 · caddyserver/caddy · GitHub

@matt, how can we add the new tls_client setting in the proxy docs for v1?

Ah, I just need to get around to it… unfortunately I’m a bit swamped right now. V2 has my priority, rather than V1…

Since you seem to have found the right PR, are the docs something you need right away?

Nope, just trying to avoid someone else having to dive into PRs and commits to find out about that like I did :slight_smile:

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