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Hello! I’m trying to set up a Caddy server to access it from another device to make some tests. I would like to know if the configuration I’m using is correct because it might be problems with my open port or with Caddy, and I would like to disscard it being a problem with Caddy.

I have installed Caddy in Windows 10 and I have created the file CaddyServer (11220 is my open port) with:

:11220 {

I have run caddy.exe and I get:

Activating privacy features... done.                                                 

Now I can access the server from the PC using localhost:11220, but if I try to access it from another PC I can’t reach it. Should I consider something in CaddyServer configuration if I’m trying to make a public access? Should I set up some IP address configuration? or is :11220 enough?

Hi @delinage, welcome to the Caddy community!

Might be worth checking Windows Firewall. That Caddyfile configuration is pretty permissive (it should respond to any HTTP request, for any website, on any interface, for port 11220), so chances are it’s a networking issue.

It works fine now! It was an issue with the IP addresses

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