Caddy reverse proxy V1 to V2 (noob)

Hi everyone,
New to the forum. Only been running V1 only as a reverse proxy for a few months, nothing fancy. I mean uber simple. Caddy is running on the same machine as emby. so the V1 caddyfile is below: {
proxy / localhost:8096
log .\Logs\EMBYaccess.log
errors .\Logs\EMBYerror.log

So now my BAT file looks like this:
cd “C:\Tools\caddy”
caddy -agree -email “**********” -conf “C:\Tools\caddy\caddyfile”

I’ve been trying to read as much V2 docs as possible. Sadly or luckily… most of the awesome stuff you guys baked in I don’t need. I just want Caddy to proxy for me. Eventully some logging like I was able to figure out in V1 would be a nice perk. Oh, also run it as a service on a Windows10 machine.

Wow this was long winded to say when I run my V2 bat file do I not need to specify my email address like in V1? Sorry if it was already explained in a doc, I have not come across that, yet.

Nope, no email in CLI.

In Caddy v2, you’d typically use the caddy run command, which you’d point to your Caddyfile.

You can set the email as a global option, see the Caddyfile structure to see how that works:

The upgrade guide should cover the rest regarding Caddyfile changes:

Hi Francis,
Ah gotcha. Ok gonna read up on those two links and get my email in the global section. I was able to get V2 up and running with the bare minimum. Which is fine for me as i’m not doing anything advanced.

Thanks for your help,

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