Caddy/Matrix is no longer working -- it worked fine previously but I'm not sure what changed!

Hey James – I’d like to be able to reach matrix outside of my own internal network, be going to or – that’s my main goal at this point.

As of now I can only reach matrix by going to so I’m not sure what I need to do!

I will reach out to the Matrix forums.

Thanks again for all of your help on all of htis brother!.

Happy Holidays!

Shouldn’t this be all you need? (quoted from an earlier comment of yours)





I’m just not a coder and this is just a fun hobby for me to learn how to do some of this stuff.

Thanks to you and @IndeedNotJames for tolerating me and helping me along with all of these projects.

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I dunno, man. I’m just quoting what you wrote yourself in an earlier comment.

It’s hard to keep track of where you’re at when you’re constantly making changes to your config. We’re not mind readers. We don’t know what you currently have in your config. We can only assume unless you’re absolutely clear at every step where you’re at.

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Here is an article I wrote (french language) to help setup Caddy+Synapse+Coturn (with Redis+PostgreSQL).

You can take a look at config files which are english commanted :stuck_out_tongue:

(a personal reminder also lol)

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