Caddy Logo Suggestion

Hey all,

The current Caddy logo is a great logo, however I saw some room for improvements and made this:

caddy logo

I want to validate it by having the community look at it. Is it an improvement?

The features are:

  • Security + blue color (everything sits within the giant padlock)
  • Minimalist style which updates the look as well as allowing it to scale down/up really well
  • Green associated with reliability and uptime

Welcome Benjamin–

Thank you for contributing to our community! It looks very nice. However, we aren’t interested in changing our logo at this time.

Thanks for your interest in Caddy!

caddy font reminds me Apple :smiley: lock reminds me something for enterprise also free for community
i don’t know what i’m dreaming about

well, caddy is opening lock in your logo, you had to use a font similar with Apple.