Caddy load balancing health checks

Hi there,

I am using Caddy as a reverse proxy to load-balance two php/nginx servers.
It works great, however I struggle to setup the health checks.

What I want to do is to deploy with minimum downtime. I want to update my two servers one at a time, and have Caddy automatically register when one of the servers is down, so it will redirect all other requests to the healthy instance.

I have setup the following Caddyfile:
log stdout
errors stdout
timeouts 1m
proxy / server1_ip server2_ip  {
  policy ip_hash
  header_upstream Host {host}
  health_check /
  health_check_interval 1s
  fail_timeout 10s
  max_fails 5

However, it doesn’t really seem that the health checks are working, because Caddy keeps directing traffic to both servers, even though one of the servers is down.

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