Caddy is losing caching information after server restart

Hi, I am evaluating Caddy web server for caching, it is working fine if I don’t restart Caddy. Caddy is losing caching information after server restart, then it takes time for downloading files for the first time. Is this is the default behavior of Caddy web server or am I missing any parameter in Caddy file?

Below is Caddy file {
proxy /

cache {
status_header X-Cache-status
default_max_age 10m
path caddy-cache
log / stdout “{remote} {when} {method} {uri} {proto} {status} {size} {>User-Agent} {cache_status} {latency}”

The cache plugin that you’re using isn’t in Caddy core:

There’s no mention here about cache being possibly persistent:

I would suggest opening an issue to request this feature.

Or in the meantime to create a script (possibly with wget or something similar) that would reload items that you would want persisted at each restart.

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